It Begins…

Welcome back to your class reunion! As you park on campus, hazy memories flicker back, many of them good. You normally hate reunions, but it might be nice to see the old gang. And the campus is beautiful in the fall, even if most of the leaves have already fallen from the trees and the old buildings have lost their luster, the windows musty and dark.

Most of your friends couldn’t make it this weekend, but a couple of your buddies are somewhere around campus, waiting to meet up later in the evening. It’s been so long since you saw them that you don’t even have their phone numbers, and the school’s WIFI shut down with the influx of traffic. Oh well — you promised yourself you’d disconnect. Get in touch with your roots.

A bright, fresh-faced underclassman with a flu mask handed you a list of events when you checked into the dorm, but you have some time before things get started to relax. You set your books down in a nondescript room — is this your old room? — and rest on the edge of the bed. Outside, the wind whips against the window, but there are a few brave souls braving the unusually cold day. With no real plans and no events for a few hours, how will you pass the time?

A) Stay in and Rest

B) Go explore campus