DK House Text

You have no idea who this is from. But you can’t ask NOW! They already invited you. Besides, it’s 8:30. And it’s DK house! You know DK house! For christ sake, those were the days. Carefree, halcyon, days. You’re going. As you walk out the door, you catch your reflection in the mirror. You fix up your hair, practice a smile or two, and check out what you’re wearing. It’s not much, but it’s practical. It’s cold outside, and it started to snow. Then again, this is the famous, fashionable DK House. It’s not even that far away. Besides, you brought your nice jacket, too. And you look good in it, even if it is a lot less warm. So what’ll you wear?

AABA) Stick with the warm, winter coat.

AABB) Grab the thinner, sexier coat.