Find your friends.

You could text the unknown number that invited you here, but you still don’t know who it is and would rather not have to stand around awkwardly as you wait for a response. They’re probably in the basement playing beer pong like the old days.  You could just head there.

A) Text the unknown number.

B) Head to the basement.

Throw the pill away and go look for your friends.

You drop the pill on the ground and walk out. Probably smart, that could’ve been molly for all you know. Now, where are your friends? You could text the unknown number that invited you here, but you still don’t know who it is and would rather not have to stand around awkwardly as you wait for a response. They’re probably in the basement playing beer pong like the old days.  You could just head there.

A) Text the unknown number.

B) Head to the basement.

Text the unknown number.

You text the number. Hey! I’m at DK, where are you guys??

To your surprise, you receive an almost immediate response.  

Hey you!!! I was starting think I’d seen a ghost earlier 👻 we’re all upstairs catching up, it’s too crowded down there. Get up here!

You make your way up the stairs. Who do they mean by “all.” You thought this would be a small gathering. You’re now regretting coming here. Do you really need to see these people? You weren’t even that close with any in college aside from a couple people and they aren’t here this weekend. This will just be awkward. You don’t do well in these situations.

At the top of the stairs you look around and spot your friends lounging on a couple couches. Keen to avoid an intimate encounter or give away that you don’t know who you’ve been texting you give a not so enthusiastic, “hey guys” without looking anyone in the eyes followed by a lousy wave.

“Hey!!!” “You made it!” “What’s up bitch!” “Nice jacket”

You spend the next half hour catching up with old friends. Old drinking friends really, the type you only spent time with when you went out in college. You had nothing to talk about with them when you were sober then and you certainly don’t now.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Good, it’s so weird being back.”

“I know right? I feel so old.”


“So how’s your job? You still at the same place?”

“Yep, same place. It’s good, pays the bills.”

“Haha yeah…”

The two of you stand awkwardly exchanging soft smiles while you wait for the other to check their phone first. A piercing scream cuts through the deafening silence. Thank fuck, you were about to resort to commenting on the weather. The screaming is getting closer. You look down the hallway and see a girl running towards you. She’s covered in blood. Is it her blood? It’s hard to tell.


Emoji? What the hell is she talking about? She sees you guys. She sees you first and is running right towards you. She grabs your arms, getting blood on your jacket in the process. C’mon! 

“HE’S DEAD!!! STABBED!! THEY TRIED TO KILL ME TOO!! HELP, PLEASE HELP!!!” she pleads to you. She’s trembling uncontrollably. You don’t care about your jacket anymore, now you’re scared.

You want to help. This girl is begging you, you can’t just leave her. She’s been stabbed and needs your help. Be a hero! Yet, if what she is saying is true there is a murderer up here and the thought of that makes you want to get out of here as fast as you can. You could jump out of the nearest window. You did it once after a brother caught you stealing Patagonias from the bedrooms on this floor so you’re confident you’ll survive the fall. Fight or flight, what will it be?

A) Help the bloody girl.

B) Jump out a window.

Investigate the situation with a couple friends.

You tell yourself to breathe – to calm down and think. You’ve seen enough horror movies, you know what not to do. Rule one: never go alone. You pull a couple friends along to come with you to check out the floor. You saw the girl running down from the hallway, but you don’t know which room she was in. There is a trail of blood leading down the hall and into a room on the left. Must be this room. Wow, you’re a real sleuth. You gingerly approach the room. With your friends close behind, you kick open the door. Best to come in hot, but you’re stopped dead in your tracks. There he is. Bobby, or so you assume, is laying in a heap on the bed. His body is covered in blood. Where does the blood end and Bobby begin? Movies never prepared you for the reality of this scene. You freeze, as do your friends. You can practically hear the crowd shouting at you. Move! Run you stupid bitch! Why can’t you move? You should run, or grab a weapon, but you’re petrified by the pure and sickening shock of Bobby’s bloody body before you. THEY’RE BEHIND YOU! Fuck, they’re behind you. You can feel a fourth presence at your back. You turn your head, in between your friends’ faces is a third. It’s yellow and shiny with uneven eyes. it’s not a real face…it’s a mask! An emoji mask! 🤪 The emoji slices your friends’ throats with swift slashes from the blades they carry in each hand.

“No! Please no!! Don’t kill me please.” You plead, but you know fully well this is no emoji of reason. This is the zany emoji, the crazy eyes emoji, the Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye emoji. It does not know the meaning of reason. This cannot be the last face you see before you die. Except, it is.

The emoji has no final words for you. The zany stare of those crazy eyes say it all. Lifting their hands overhead, the slasher brings their blades down on to your collar bones in one precise motion. They bring their masked face close to yours, remove the blades and leave you to bleed to death beside your two friends.  


One more shot?

Help the bloody girl.

“Ok, ok slow down what happened?” you ask the girl. She’s on the floor now crying into her knees. She’s in shock and unable to respond. You could call the cops. Tell them someone has been killed at the DK house. Although, you don’t actually know if that’s true yet. Imagine, as an alum, calling the cops into a DK party for a false alarm. You’d never be welcomed back. You’d be a narc for life. Maybe you should just investigate the situation on your own. Ok, definitely not on your own, but with a friend or two.

A) Call the cops.

B) Investigate the situation with a couple friends.

Jump out a window.

You bolt! You find the nearest window, open it, squirm through and jump. On your way out your foot gets caught on the window sill. You’re falling head first now and you realize you’ve made a grave mistake. The window you jumped out of last time was at the front of the house. This one is in the back where the ground below is lower, allowing the basement to open out to the backyard. You’ve just jumped from three floors, not two, and this time you won’t even land on your feet.

SPLAT! If you hadn’t close your eyes you would’ve seen it coming. Though it’s not like you could’ve prevented it. You are impaled, head first by a horseshoe stake in the ground. It’s a dead ringer. All the Patagonias on frat row wouldn’t have softened this fall. Karma is a bitch.

You can keep trying!