Text the unknown number.

You text the number. Hey! I’m at DK, where are you guys??

To your surprise, you receive an almost immediate response.  

Hey you!!! I was starting think I’d seen a ghost earlier 👻 we’re all upstairs catching up, it’s too crowded down there. Get up here!

You make your way up the stairs. Who do they mean by “all.” You thought this would be a small gathering. You’re now regretting coming here. Do you really need to see these people? You weren’t even that close with any in college aside from a couple people and they aren’t here this weekend. This will just be awkward. You don’t do well in these situations.

At the top of the stairs you look around and spot your friends lounging on a couple couches. Keen to avoid an intimate encounter or give away that you don’t know who you’ve been texting you give a not so enthusiastic, “hey guys” without looking anyone in the eyes followed by a lousy wave.

“Hey!!!” “You made it!” “What’s up bitch!” “Nice jacket”

You spend the next half hour catching up with old friends. Old drinking friends really, the type you only spent time with when you went out in college. You had nothing to talk about with them when you were sober then and you certainly don’t now.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Good, it’s so weird being back.”

“I know right? I feel so old.”


“So how’s your job? You still at the same place?”

“Yep, same place. It’s good, pays the bills.”

“Haha yeah…”

The two of you stand awkwardly exchanging soft smiles while you wait for the other to check their phone first. A piercing scream cuts through the deafening silence. Thank fuck, you were about to resort to commenting on the weather. The screaming is getting closer. You look down the hallway and see a girl running towards you. She’s covered in blood. Is it her blood? It’s hard to tell.


Emoji? What the hell is she talking about? She sees you guys. She sees you first and is running right towards you. She grabs your arms, getting blood on your jacket in the process. Shit, your new jacket. C’mon.

“HE’S DEAD!!! STABBED!! THEY TRIED TO KILL ME TOO!! HELP, PLEASE HELP!!!” she pleads to you. She’s trembling uncontrollably. You don’t care about your jacket anymore, now you’re scared.

You want to help. This girl is begging you, you can’t just leave her. She’s been stabbed and needs your help. Be a hero! Yet, if what she is saying is true there is a murderer up here and the thought of that makes you want to get out of here as fast as you can. You could jump out of the nearest window. You did it once after a brother caught you stealing Patagonias from the bedrooms on this floor so you’re confident you’ll survive the fall. Fight or flight, what will it be?

A) Help the bloody girl.

B) Jump out a window.

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