Jump out a window.

You bolt! You find the nearest window, open it, squirm through and jump. On your way out your foot gets caught on the window sill. You’re falling head first now and you realize you’ve made a grave mistake. The window you jumped out of last time was at the front of the house. This one is in the back where the ground below is lower, allowing the basement to open out to the backyard. You’ve just jumped from three floors, not two, and this time you won’t even land on your feet.

SPLAT! If you hadn’t close your eyes you would’ve seen it coming. Though it’s not like you could’ve prevented it. You are impaled, head first by a horseshoe stake in the ground. It’s a dead ringer. All the Patagonias on frat row wouldn’t have softened this fall. Karma is a bitch.

You can keep trying!

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