Investigate the situation with a couple friends.

You tell yourself to breathe – to calm down and think. You’ve seen enough horror movies, you know what not to do. Rule one: never go alone. You pull a couple friends along to come with you to check out the floor. You saw the girl running down from the hallway, but you don’t know which room she was in. There is a trail of blood leading down the hall and into a room on the left. Must be this room. Wow, you’re a real sleuth. You gingerly approach the room. With your friends close behind, you kick open the door. Best to come in hot, but your stopped dead in your tracks. There he is. Bobby, or so you assume, is laying in a heap on the bed. His body is covered in blood. Where does the blood end and Bobby begin. Movies never prepared you for the reality of this scene. You freeze, as do your friends. You can practically hear the crowd shouting at you to move! Run you stupid bitch! Why can’t you move? You should run, or grab a weapon, but your’re petrified by the pure and sickening shock of Bobby’s bloody body before you. THEY’RE BEHIND YOU! Fuck, they’re behind you. You can feel a fourth presence at your back. You turn your head, in between your friends faces is a third. It’s yellow and shiny with uneven eyes and a wide tongue waggling grin. it’s not a real face…it’s a mask! An emoji mask! 🤪 The emoji cuts with your friends throats with swift slashes from the blades they carry in each hand.

“No! Please no!! Don’t kill me please.” You plead, but you know fully well this is no emoji of reason. This is the zany emoji, the crazy eyes emoji, the Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye emoji. It does not know the meaning of reason. This cannot be the last face you see before you die. Except, it is.

The emoji has no final words for you. The zany stare of those crazy eyes say it all. With a one fell motion the slasher brings their two blades down on to your collar bones. They bring their masked face close to yours, as if to lick you with that dangling tongue, remove the blades and leave you to bleed to death beside your two friends.  

One more shot?