Go and look for Jackie with Meredith.

“Steven? What’ll it be?”

But Steven is already walking away, obscured by the storm. He turns back to tell you that he’ll send for help, and then he’s gone.

As he slips away, you a scream erupts behind you. Before you can stop her, Meredith charges right for it.

“JACKIE! We’re coming Jackie!”

You sprint to keep up with her, climbing higher and higher up the ridgeline. The branches poke and stab, your coat/jacket in tatters, until you reach a small clearing. You freeze.

In the distance, a campfire burns through the storm. It’s in a secluded area, the shadowy trees thick with pine needles that shield it from the wind. You can just make out the silhouette of the someone before the fire, warming their hands.

“JACKIE” Meredith cries, stepping forwards.

They turn their head, looking right at you, but the face is still obscured. Meredith is already running towards it as it stands, slowly. And it’s only as Merdith is just about to arrive that you realize that this isn’t Jenny. They’re much too tall to be Jenny, the limbs loo long and gangly.

A) Help Meredith
B) Get out of there