Stick with the warm, winter coat.

Based on the piles of blood-red leaves on the ground and the incessant, raging winds, winter is coming early this year. You grab the winter coat and head into the hallway.

For reunion weekend, the campus sure seems empty. You look both ways, hoping to see someone else and get an idea of what to do, but the only signs of life are slow, heavy footsteps somewhere down the hall. You head the other direction, passing aimlessly through halls and staircases, all the doors shut, no signs of life anywhere.

But still, the footsteps. They sound neither closer nor further away, but they still make you nervous. You reach the end of the hallway and realize, that you have nowhere else to turn. In front of you is a heavy metal door marked “Emergency Exit, Alarm WILL Sound.” Behind you, the slow, heavy pounding, echoing down the hall.

A) Confront the footsteps

BAB) Try the Emergency Exit