Grab the thinner, sexier jacket.

It’s fall! How cold could it really get? And besides, you haven’t seen anyone in years, and you want to make a good first impression. Back when you were a student, you used to have snowball fights in tank-tops, for chrissake. You grab the jacket, check your hair in the mirror, and bounce out of the dorm.

For reunion weekend, the campus sure seems empty. You look both ways, hoping to see someone else and get an idea of what to do.

A hand grips your shoulder!

You whip around. It’s just a student. She’s has a Reunion Orientation T-Shirt, holds a stack of pamphlets, and wears a flu mask.

“Sorry to scare you! I’m here to help you find all of the weekend’s activities. I’m sure you’re wondering where everyone is.” She hands you a pamphlet listing option for Reunion Activities. “Do any of these look like fun?”

A) Nature Walk & Ropes Course

B) Erich von Straussheim’s Thespian Hour

C) Frat House Pub Crawl

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