The Mime

Let’s silence this mime, once and for all. Whipping the ninja star out of your pocket, you flick it through the air and into his eye. The mime stumbles backward and falls, dead on impact. Looking over his shoulder, the jock then returns your gaze, and laughs.

‘Idiot! Can’t you see that I’m the bad guy, here?’

You scoff at his self-appraisal. ‘I don’t know, I thought the mime might have been, like, controlling you, somehow – as if the mime were using you as a puppet…’

‘If anyone’s the puppet, it’s the mime – for the self is merely a pantomime, after all,’ the jock replies, ‘and I can do with my puppets whatever I like.’

With a snap of his fingers, the three bound and gagged alumni raise themselves up, shrug off their bindings, and advance towards you.

‘So be it,’ you say. Yes, it seems those Tae Kwon Do sessions will come in handy, after all. The only question is, how exactly to navigate this fight? Do you try to take out the puppets first, or go straight for the master?

A) The puppets.

B) The master.

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