Jump down onto the stage and attack Achitophel

Thinking impulsively, you jump off the rafters, land on your feet alongside your compatriots, and start attacking Achitophel and Her Alumni Dancers…

Or, at least, that’s how you’d hoped that would go. Instead, when you jump off the rafters you break your ankle, and start screaming in pain. The woman of a certain age landed on her feet, and she starts exchanging judo chops with a faceless alumni, whereas the twins each landed right on top of a dancer, and are having trouble untangling themselves from their targets.

‘Ajax! Get over here!’ Achitophel shouts, recognizing you, ‘turns out we’re having a proper reunion, after all.’

‘Achitophel! What the hell is going on!’ you demand, clutching your foot.

‘I wouldn’t talk about hell if I were you,’ Achitophel replies, wielding her Infinity Bludgeon, ‘You’re heading to the Shadow Realm, after all.’

‘Wait!’ you cry, as she prepares to bring the Bludgeon down on you. ‘Wait!’

She doesn’t.

DAMNIT! Well, might as well try again.

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