Follow Xavier

Sure, it’s a little weird, but you’re generally into surprises. You follow Xavier as he walks towards his car in the parking lot. The wind is starting to pick up, and what had been a comfortable sprinkle is quickly turning into a storm worthy of naming. He gets in the car, and indicates you do the same. Still kinda weird, but better than braving the onslaught of rainy wind. You notice a rather large knife in the cup holder, but he’s a tradesman after all so you shrug it off.Especially after he reveals the reason he brought you out here. A rather large blunt, particularly for two people. He sparks it up as the rain patters the windshield.  It’s a quiet smoke session, other than the occasional cough (side bar, can mute people cough?) You smoke until the horizon looks slanted. After giving yourself a second to recover, you suggest re joining the party. But the storm is nasty now, and you’re getting more and more paranoid by the second. The tree branches scratching the roof sound like demon’s nails, and you’re seeing shadowy objects appear in your periphery. You eye the knife, and suggest taking it. Xavier shrugs.

5A Take the knife?

5B Trust that your risk of danger now is lower than ever in human history?