Go find the gang to pitch the musical reunion

You go meet up with the gang at the bar. They’re somehow way further ahead of you in drink count, and you see this as the perfect opportunity to take charge. You make an eloquent speech about how art is the only truly beautiful thing left on this fragile planet, and you can see the youthful glint return to their eyes. That look that says I can make a difference. You know, the look that naive people whose dreams haven’t been trampled yet have. They’re eating out of your hands as you spoon feed them enough hope to fatten up a piggy. You reach the grand finale; we should put on a show to rekindle the love of art, playing our old songs from years before. But it will take some rehearsing. It’s been many years after all. Seth suggests the teacher’s conference room, which has a music set up as mandated by the local Teacher’s Equal Rights to Jam act of 1969. Friggin hippies, gotta love ‘em. Danica suggests the gym, which has great acoustics.

A) Go to the conference room?

B) Go to the gym?

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