Keep Chasing the Dragon

You couldn’t give up if you wanted to, you sick narcissist who’s addicted to yourself. You even kissed your own reflection that one time in the Target bathroom. You justified it by saying the light was good, but you just can’t admit you have a problem. And so you decide to put on a show for your fellow classmates. The jocks, the geeks, the hot ones, and the ugly friend the hot ones keep around; all of them. You’d bet most of them hadn’t heard live instruments since high school, but there’s a Jello-Wrestling Jamboree every Wednesday, and it’s the hottest ticket in town. But they haven’t heard the true artisanship of expressing oneself through the magical medium of music. You can feel Mike Johnston’s “fag” call echo from many years prior. You’ll show them now. You enter the reunion, and find the small theater crew already cliqued out in the corner. There’s Seth, the chubby comic relief who always stole the show on guitar. Danica, your bassist who you always had a crush on, but was always dating someone else. Ian, a shy nerd trying to break out of his shell on drums. He’s brilliant, but somehow not smart enough to shower regularly and use deodorant. And Xavier, the mute light operator, who wears all black whether working or not. Also a few other peripheral characters not worth mentioning. You’re catching up when the gang wants to go grab more drinks, except for Xavier who’s still nursing his first.

A) Go to the bar with gang

B) Stay with Xavier

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