Find a place to hide your jacket.

This jacket is warm, it needs to come off and to you there’s really nothing worse than having one or more hands full for the night so you head to the library to hide it. You and your friends always hid your jackets in the library when you came here – everyone did. On most nights there were more jackets than books, not there have ever been many books in there. As you enter the empty library you look around for a good place to leave your jacket. The best places have already been taken, under the couch cushions, inside the globe, behind the desks. Still, behind a shelf of books should do. As you reach up to tuck your jacket behind a row of old yearbooks you feel the first stab. It’s quick, a rough stab between your shoulder blades. Then the second, third, fourth and so on in rapid succession. Each stab more violent and less controlled than the next. As you fall to your death you turn to get a look at your assailant. All you see is in place of a face is this emoji: 🤪

There is a slasher in the DK house tonight and you are their first victim. They’ve taken out their pre-mass murder nerves on your back and will now continue on killin’ with poise. Tough luck, but someone had to be the first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Try it with a new coat?