Frat House Crawl

It’s cold out, like proper cold. Maybe you should have worn your winter coat, but it doesn’t matter now you’re almost at the DK house and you feel sexy. Although you’d never admit it, you’ve had this outfit picked out in your head for weeks. You don’t care for most of the people you’re about to see, but there are some friends you want to impress and some old flings you might just so happen to run into. A text from an unknown number lights up your phone.

“HEYYYY, YO! I can’t believe you came back. I saw you on VINCENT LANE and it totally brought me back. How you been?! Some of the old crew is meeting DK house at 7, you should come by!” Cool — you’re remembered!

You reach the house, pass the brothers on the front porch with swagger and enter. Being back in the DK house is making you thirsty. You spot a crowd of sweaty bodies gathered around a cooler in a room to your left. Perfect, you can step in and grab a drink. But wait, your friends. Where are they? Maybe you should go find them first.

A) Grab a drink in the next room.

B) Find your friends.