“I heard you were back ;) wanna meet up at the spot for old times sake”

Your heart races. They remember you? Of course, you remember them — you remember the spot. How could you forget? All those hours spent talking, sharing, laughing… And the following Friday they were in the arms of someone else. You haven’t spoken in years, and why would you? You saw the wedding photos on Instagram and, even worse, the honeymoon. And yet, as you type your reply, you know that you can’t say no. You still think of those fleeting moments spent together when you close your eyes at night. You also wonder what would have happened… You were the closest of friends and then, one day, they just disappeared. Until now.

You grab your trusty flask– just in case — and head for the door, heart pounding. 

You take off your boring winter coat and throw on your thinner, sexier jacket. Your cool jacket. Then again, you can hear the wind howling outside, and it was a chilly walking in. That said, you’ll definitely need to look cool. Which do you grab on your way out?

A) Stick with the warm, winter coat.

B) Grab the thinner, sexier coat.

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