Wear the Warm, Winter Coat

They always admired your sensibility, didn’t they? Besides, shivering is not sexy. You put the warmer coat back on and bound out the door.

You weren’t sure you knew the way, still, but your feet have minds of their own. Left at the science building, right at the top of the stairs, three hundred steps past the clock tower that lorded over the campus. Then it was straight into the forest, directly to the left of the old oak, looking older than ever, it’s branches twisted and gnarled.

And suddenly you’re in the same old clearing, The stream trickles in the distance, the wind howls through the trees. A hooded silhouette looms in the center, barely visible in the quickly fading daylight. As you approach them, a hand slips out and extends a flask.

A. Take the flask and drink it

B. Take out your own flask and offer it in exchange

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