Tell him he stinks

You’ve had enough. If this kid hasn’t found a shower in twenty years, somebody has to be the one to tell him to look harder. You want to bring it up delicately, but you’re already irrationally angry (and getting more so with each of Danica’s giggles). You ask “Do you have a disease or something, because you still smell exactly like you did at age 15. I’m trying to enjoy my whiskey but I feel like I’m living on Planet Your Ballsack and it’s been raining piss for three weeks straight.”  You’re suddenly yelling. Your fellow former students are hushed and looking at you both. Ian’s face goes flush and he runs out of the room. You look at Danica’s disappointed look of disgust, and your dream of reigniting the old flame starts to extinguish. Do you?

A) Run after Ian

B) Try to explain to Danica

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