Go to the conference room.

You all approach the old teacher’s conference room. It still somehow smells of the lingering smoke of 50 years past. And it still has the same entry code, or so you think. You punch in 6969 and it opens. You internally thank JoBo, the one handed janitor (makes sweeping hard) who passed you the code. It’s musky, and you try to crack open the windows to breathe some fresh air into the smoke stained walls. They’re sealed shut. You guys get settled, and start rehearsing parts. Everyone quickly sheds their professional facades and melts into characters of yonder past. It’s always easier to wear a mask after all, especially around Halloween. You’re just starting to get into the groove, when there’s a large CRACK of thunder, and the power goes out. The rain is now coming in sideways, and you shut the windows to keep your eyeliner from running. Stumbling around in the dark, you’re able to find your flashlights and gain some sense of space. Seth needs to pee. Or so he says. You think he needs to poop and just doesn’t want to say it in front of Danica. He tries for the door, it’s locked. The keypad lock is hooked up to the electricity. Seth says he can hold it for a little while, and rubs his stomach ever so gently, in your mind confirming your # 2 theory. Suddenly, you hear the key code being pressed. You ask, who is it? THUNK There’s no intelligible response, just moans and loud banging. You ask again. THUNK. You’re starting to get nervous. You’ve seen a lot of horror movies, and even acted in a few indie ones just for the IMDB credit. But this is no movie.

A) Stay in the teacher’s conference room?

B) Try to find an exit?

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