Go to the gym

A loud squeaky door swings open with your heavy push. It looks like the gym hasn’t been used much in the last five years: it’s no wonder childhood obesity rates have been skyrocketing. There’s plenty of space in here to get rehearsal going. You guys get settled, and start rehearsing old songs. Everyone quickly sheds their professional facades and melts into characters of yonder past. It’s always easier to wear a mask after all, especially around Halloween. You’re just starting to get into the groove, when there’s a large CRACK of thunder, and the power goes out. Lucky for you guys, the state championship basketball team brings in more money than the teachers do, and the gym power is run on a separate generator (got to keep the bright spotlights on the banners.) You’re able to run a tight rehearsal, and after an hour, you have what you think is a very entertaining show for your fellow classmates. The lights in the rest of the school kick back on, and you give a rousing speech to rally the troops. This is it. Your time to impress your fellow classmates, and finally fulfill your high school fantasies.

Take the stage

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