Better to stay put.

Without power, there’s no way that giant oak door with the keypad is getting opened. THUD. Besides, you’ve taken a few karate classes. MOAN. If that thing on the other side gets in, you’ll get your chance to impress Danica. You hear some scratching on the door, and hold your breath as you sense a hand reaching down to the uncomfortably large gap between the floor and the door. Through the gap slides a note. Your hands tremble as you reach for the paper. This is not the kind of note you want to be reading in class. You unfurl it, and all that appears is a giant X in red. You gulp and back away from the door. WURR, the lights suddenly flash back on, temporarily blinding you. You hear the 4 digit code click, and the door starts to open. You imagine wearing your yellow belt as the sensei calls out Mae Geri, Gedan Age Uke! Hopefully, your front kick is as good as you remember it being. As the door opens, you let out a girlish scream a little too loudly to not be embarrassing. It’s just Xavier after all, trying to rejoin the group. You all hug and have a good laugh.

Join the group again

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