Try to find an exit

Get us the hell out of here. The windows are glued together from years of smoke and unless you want to break both legs, which may be a viable option depending on what’s on the other side of the door. The ceiling it is. You push up on the ceiling tiles and boost yourself through. You’re sure Danica is super impressed with you right now. As you start to crawl a path towards freedom, you notice the ceiling start to sag. Unfixed water damage (those damn budget cuts). You start to back away, as if treading away from a rattlesnake. But this ceiling bites. You fall through, clipping the electric wire on your way down, electrocuting you instantly. At least it was a quick death. After your failed escape, the rest of the gang is locked in the conference room, undiscovered for a weekend. Which wouldn’t have been the worst thing, if not for the moldy tuna sandwich left in the back of the fridge from summer school. They contract black mold poisoning and die a slow painful death.


Sucks to suck. Try harder, next time.

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