Waylay Ajax in the stairwell.

‘Follow me!’ you command between your teeth, leading the others quickly towards the stairwell that rises up the wings.

Ajax is there, and on your way down you almost run into him. ‘You?’ he cries, incredulous.

But you’re not walking down the stairs, anymore – you’ve leapt on top of him, sending you both tumbling downstairs. This is very painful, stairs having sharp edges and Ajax being a heavy guy, so you prioritize covering your head as you go down. By the time you reach the bottom, you’ve momentarily forgotten why you got there, checking for any head trauma. Luckily, you’re fine, and Ajax is dead – hit his head on the railing on the way down, wrenching it sideways, etc. – so you and the gang can continue on your quest.

‘That was graceful,’ the woman of a certain age observes, picking you up.

‘You should see me on a dancefloor,’ you reply coyly.

‘You kill people?’ Twin #2 asks.

‘No,’ you clarify, ‘I slay.’

The woman of a certain age groans and rolls her eyes. ‘You are a terrible person.’

Now you’re in the wings, and the stage awaits. The question is, how do you approach it: do you go straight in for an all-out attack on Achitophel, or do you pretend to be a messenger for the spirit of Erich von Straussheim?

A) All-out attack on Achitophel.

B) Pretend to be a messenger for the spirit of Erich von Straussheim.

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