All-out attack on Achitophel.

‘Let’s do an all-out attack on Achitophel,’ you say to the others, ‘c’mon!’

Letting out a war-cry, you all stampede the stage. The faceless dancing alumni turn just as you approach, and you each push one out of the way, carving a path to Achitophel. She yells something angrily – ‘you? What are you doing here?’ or ‘why are you attacking us?’ or ‘why aren’t you the resurrected spirit of Erich von Straussheim?’, perhaps – but it doesn’t matter.

Holding up her Infinity Bludgeon, she hits you in the shoulder, and you feel it shatter, collapsing on your side. You’re passing out quickly, but not before you watch your comrades gang rush Achitophel, knocking her out. A dancing alumni was starting to strangle you, yet you feel their grip soften, and they collapse on top of you. You are in an intense amount of pain, your vision is fading, but as you pass into sleep you have the mildly thrilling knowledge: you are going to LIVE. That is too bad about the mime, though…


Not bad! Think you can beat it twice?

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