Wait for an Orientation Leader

Screw that — you aren’t going in alone. You pull your coat up over your neck and sit and wait. Off in the distance, deep in the woods, you hear a low, rumbling hum. It could be the ropes course, you think.

Or, says a small voice in your head, it’s The Butcher.

You shiver. It’s getting dark much too quickly you think. The clouds are getting thicker, heavier, blotting out the light. And still, no sign of a leader. Off in the distance, the warm glow of Fraternity row beckons — a chance to get out of the cold, at the very least. Behind you, the rumbling grows deeper, louder, like a low and insistent bass note from far in the woods. It’s clear no one is coming. So do you?

A) Find your own way to the course
B) Check out Fraternity Row

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